Charlotte Ridley

Charlotte Ridley

Charlotte Ridley BHS II Registered and is a Horse Trails Specialist.

Charlotte Ridley with Mistatiger and Miss Tiger

Charlotte Ridley was born in Northumberland at Hetherington near Wark. She is married to Councilor Nick Ridley and has two children Matthew and Laura they live at Park End.

Charlotte has been riding for many years, starting her illustrious career with the South Northumberland Pony Club. Through her dedication and determination to be the best, she culminated her career by successfully competing at Badminton and Burghley which resulted in Charlotte being short listed at World, European and Olympic level on her beloved home bred horse Mistatiger.

Charlotte has like all of us spent many a miserable afternoon schooling in the pouring rain and decided some time ago that a State of the Art Indoor School was a necessity not just a luxury here in Northumberland. Park End Equestrian Training Centre has after many months of hard work finally come to fruition.

Charlotte is a highly qualified Instructor with the added benefit of many years riding experience. She offers her expertise to all levels of riders for any discipline. Charlotte, also produces fantastic young horses which are occasionally for sale. We also have our own You Tube and Facebook page which is updated regularly as well.

Charlotte is available for teaching and can be contacted on:

Tel: 01434 230394