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Training Camps

Training camps are a great way to get in some intensive training in a supportive, yet challenging environment. Here at Park End Charlotte has developed a tailor made programme of training that has proved very successful and has been enthusiastically received. Riders learn new skills and build on existing ones through the use of practical and challenging exercises with Charlotte on hand to direct, support and motivate.

The 2018 dates are up early as some people have been requesting the dates for holiday purposes.  Due to the high ammount of Emails coming in at one time bookings for the 2018 dates will be staggered for each camp, you can book a place by emailing and your place will be confirmed by return email.  Payment for camps will be slightly different, each camp will have an open and close date for payment, you will still be able to pay through the website but it will be one lump sum rather than a deposit then final payment.  All payment options are on the drop down box on the website.

Refunds - if you cancel 2 weeks in advance or more of the camp date a full refund will be given, if you cancel less than 2 weeks before the camp date and a replacement can't be found you will recive a 50% refund.    Any questions please contact Park End Equestrian. 

Camp Dates 2018  - Please read above as booking is slightly different.

13th & 14th September - Final Fling Camp - This is the last camp that we organise of the year, is open to everyone, again if there is a whole group of people just wanting to do Flatwork only that would be fine also.  Bookings for this camp will open at 7am on the 2nd July 2018 via email and your place will be confirmed by return email.  Payment can be made between the 1st August 2018 and 1st September 2018.


Straw or Shavings (Shavings boxes are limited)
Horses Height
To attend camp you must have current Public Liability Insurance?
Camp you are Attending
Flatwork Level / Jump Heigh
Dietary Request & Emergency No