ClinicsCharlotte & John Days

Charlotte & John Days


9th & 23rd October - John & Charlotte - options for group lessons

11th & 21st November - John Hill

9th December - John Hill

If there is enough interest on the above dates there will be options for a shared lesson from 2, 3 or 4 people with either John, Charlotte or both.  This is a bit of trial experiment to see if it will work and the best way to do it so please bare with me.  If you are interested in any dates email with how many you are happy to be in a group with, time, and if you want just John, Charlotte or both and I will see what I can do.  I will organise the groups and the times and be as accomodating as I can.  If you have already booked a private lesson that will still go ahead as a private lesson, if you want to swap to group that is also fine.  Charges will be as follows -

Private with John - £50 

Private with Charlotte - £40

2 Sharing - £30pp per lesson with either John or Charlotte

3 or 4 Sharing - £25pp per lesson with either John or Charlotte

Lessons will all last 45 min for a private and an hour for a shared lesson, you can have an hour between lessons or longer up to you.

If lessons are in the Indoor Arena it is an extra £5 if lights are needed.

£25 - £50